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bullet How are the water rates determined?

Water rates are set to cover the cost of acquiring, treating and delivering water to your tap and are adjusted annually based on the increase in costs within the region. This way, large rate increases are avoided, and the city is able to ensure that quality water is provided to you and approximately 35,000 other customers. Rates also cover the costs of scheduled replacement of aging water & sewer lines and the addition of new treatment facilities.

bullet Why does sewer service cost more than water service?

Just as water rates must cover the cost of operating and maintaining the water system, sewer charges must cover the same costs relating to the sewer system. Before we release waste water into the environment, we must comply with state and federal laws regarding the removal of pollutants and harmful chemicals by extensive treatment. Ongoing expansion and refurbishment of the waste water system is necessary to ensure that all state and federal mandates are met and to protect the environment.

bullet Is my meter accurate?

All meters used by the City of Miramar must meet the accuracy test guidelines of the national American Water Works Association, and have a manufactures warranty. In addition, meters used for reading water usually under-register as they age.
If you believe your meter is inaccurate, you may request a bench check. When tested, if the meter is accurate under the AWWA guidelines there will be a forty dollar charge billed to your utility account, there is no charge for testing the meter if it tests inaccurate or if the test is mandated by the city.

bullet There's a leak out by the street. Who is responsible for it?

The customer is responsible for any leaks (and the water lost) from the point where the meter attaches to their line, forward to the house. The City is only responsible for repairs to leaks from the meter back towards the water main. Check to see where the leak is located, and then dial customer service at 954-602-3896 or fill out a customer service form for assistance if the leak appears to be the city’s responsibility

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