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As a preventative maintenance process to maintain water quality, the City of Miramar's Water Treatment Plants will temporarily change the method of water chlorination. As a result, from October 7th to October 23rd, you may notice a different taste and/or odor in your tap water. Please be assured that the conditions are temporary and should not be harmful to your health; however, if you are on kidney dialysis, please consult your physician for special instructions. If you have tropical fish or other aquatic animals, contact your local tropical fish store to determine the proper treatment of the water before adding it to your fish tank. Fire hydrant flushing during and following the super-chlorination may cause cloudy, discolored water, but the condition is temporary and should return to normal within a few hours.

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We sincerely regret any inconvenience you may experience during this time, and your cooperation and understanding are truly appreciated. Please be assured that the City of Miramar is following every procedure to continue to provide you, our residents and businesses, with the safest water possible. If you have any question or concern, please contact the Customer Service Response Team at 954.602.4357.

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2014 Water Quality Report

Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Limits
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SFWMD Water Shortage Order
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Important information about your drinking water
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Landscape Irrigation Restrictions
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Golf Course Water Use Restrictions
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Water Conservation
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Improvements Project Phase 2 (HMII2)
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Water Shortage Watch
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  • Utilities Administration: The administrative division handles the day-to-day planning and directional oversight of staff to ensue the operational goals and objectives established for the (8) Utilities Divisions are met.
  • East Water Treatment Plant (EWTP): This is a lime-softening water treatment facility which serves the eastern section of the City. It is regulated to produce up to 6.0 mgd.
    2600 SW 66 Terrace (954) 967-1665
  • West  Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)
    This plant utilizes advanced membrane treatment and serves the western section of the City, producing up to 11.75 MGD.
    4100 Flamingo Road (954) 438-1228
  • Wastewater Reclamation Facility (WWRF):
    This facility provides treatment and disposal of wastewater, as well as recycles treated water for irrigation currently used on the west side of the City.
    13900 Pembroke Road (954) 602-HELP(4357)
  • Plant Maintenance: This division maintains all mechanical equipment housed at the WWRF, EWTP and WWTP, as well as the upkeep of small engine equipment for Public Works and the Community Services Department.
  • Transmission and Distribution: This division maintains the water transmission lines transporting potable (drinking) water to homes, building and commercial establishments within City limits.  The division also manages the meter reading and meter repairs throughout the City. 
  • East Wastewater Collection: This division maintains 129 Lift Stations including the Master Pump Station and Booster Pump Station, as well as supports the collection and transmission lines that transport sewage to the WWRF.
  • Customer Service (954) 602-HELP (4357): The Customer Service/ Community Assistance Program provide information and resolutions to all residents and commercial customers in Miramar.  This service fosters communication within the community, in order to assist with water billing issues, household waste, bulk trash, and recycling bin requests, as well as provides internal support to all Departments/Divisions within Operational Services. 
  1. Utilities Conveyance Systems
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