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The Social Services Department operates the Youth and Family Outreach Services, Senior Services and Early Childhood Programs. The Department was established by the City of Miramar to empower individuals to improve and enhance their quality of life through our many programs. The Social Services Department strives to be reliable, professional, friendly and culturally sensitive in an effort to meet the needs of the entire community. 


Intergenerational Programs
The City of Miramar has raised the bar with our outstanding intergenerational programs. The City of Miramar’s senior centers and Early Childhood Program have partnered to create dynamic and innovative ntergenerational programs in an effort to build bridges across generational lines. These programs have been highly successful and have expanded year after year. The City of Miramar is a leader in intergenerational programming, as we not only plan intergenerational activities but have actually combined Senior Services and Early Childhood Services into one department, so as to truly serve the entire lifecycle and to blend common experiences whenever possible

  • “Peacock Award” 2012 recipient presented by the Broward League of Cities for the Early Childhood Program building beautification project "bloom where you are planted" at Sunset Lakes Child Care Center.

  • “Community Spirit Award” 2011 recipient presented by the Broward League of Cities for Social Services Senior Program and Early Childhood Program Intergenerational Activities.

Communities for a Lifetime

City of Miramar residents will be glad to learn that their home town is a Community for a Lifetime.

Communities for a Lifetime is a statewide initiative, begun in 1999, that assists Florida cities, towns and counties in planning and implementing improvements that benefit their residents, youthful or elder. The Communities for a Lifetime Bureau is comprised of the following focus areas: Housing, Transportation, Employment, Health and Wellness, Volunteerism, and Intergenerational Programs.

Learn more about Communities for a Lifetime.

Vulnerable Population Registry
The Vulnerable Population Registry is for residents who are at risk due to disability, frailty or health issues, regardless of age, who elect to stay at home in the event of a hurricane or other emergency. The Registry is a partnership between Broward County and municipalities to help emergency responders’ better plan for recoveries from hurricanes and other emergencies. It is not a guarantee of assistance.

Click here to register:

After a hurricane or other emergency, residents may experience prolonged power and phone outages. Residents may not be able to leave their apartments, to get assistance because the elevators are not functioning, or to let others know that they are in need. Municipalities may use the Registry to help evaluate resident needs and to assist in planning their response in an emergency. While registering in the database is not a guarantee that you will be provided services or placed on a priority list for responders, it will help responders be better prepared to meet resident needs in a recovery.

You can register online or by calling 311 in Broward or 954-831-3902 (TTY 954-831-3940). All the information provided will be held in the strictest confidence as required by State law.

Note: The Vulnerable Population Registry does not automatically register you for a special needs shelter or evacuation transportation. For sheltering and transportation information visit and Special Medical Needs.

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