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KathleenWoodsRichardsonDear Miramar Residents:

My name is Kathleen Woods-Richardson and I am your new City Manager. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, explain where we are as a City and where Miramar is headed. Professionally I have worked in public service for over 30 years and most recently served as the Director of Miami-Dade County’s Public Works and Waste Management Department. In that position I oversaw up to 1,730 employees and managed a budget of $629 million in a large and quite diverse population. It was a rewarding and great learning experience that I hope to bring to the great City of Miramar.

Miramar has the unique distinction of being one of the fastest growing and most diverse communities in the nation. There were many challenges that it has dealt with, but overcame through collaboration, finding common ground amongst various stakeholders and seeking inclusiveness for all parties. Purposefully, the City was able to overcome these challenges and meet the needs of you -- our valued residents, while also enriching the quality of life through its many facilities, services and programs.

In terms of where we are headed as a City, I believe that we are on the cusp of even greater opportunities and even greater results. Our economy is slowly but surely getting past the most difficult period experienced in our lifetimes. Through the efforts and diligence of the City Commission and staff, the City was able to maintain a sound financial position throughout. I plan on using that momentum of an improved economy to bring us to reach even greater heights, while always maintaining a keen eye on fiscal responsibility. In the next year or so, you will see major capital projects such as the Police Headquarters at Miramar Town Center begin to take shape. Also, we have two amphitheaters in the planning and design stages that will further enable our residents and visitors to celebrate the milestones and rich culture of our City.

It is said that one sign of maturity is having the strength of character to hear, tolerate and perhaps even be influenced by other points of view. I believe that our City’s great power comes from our diverse residents with different points of view believing in one City. I believe that it is our responsibility to work as one entity, one Commission, and one administrative staff toward becoming the best Miramar possible. Finally, I believe that to accomplish that we should not forget what got us here in the first place, our sincerest efforts at collaboration, finding consensus and achieving inclusiveness for all.

Please join me in helping our Mayor, Vice Mayor, Commission and City staff to write Miramar’s next chapter.

Kathleen Woods-Richardson
City Manager


2300 Civic Center Place
Miramar, Florida 33025
Tel: 954-602-3115
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