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BUSINESS TAX (formerly known as Occupational Licenses)

Business Tax Receipt

Any person wishing to engage in or manage any business, profession or occupation with the City of Miramar, including a home-based business, is required by ordinance to acquire a City Business Tax Receipt.

Note: “All Business Tax Receipts should be renewed on or before September 30th to avoid any additional fees”

Per Florida Statute 205, The Name Occupational License has been changed to Business Tax Receipt.

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All commercial businesses must be inspected to confirm that they meet Zoning, Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Mechanical and Fire codes. 

The business is responsible for making sure that these inspections are completed. Also, all new signs, exterior painting or any other exterior modifications that may be planned in conjunction with your business is required to receive approval of the City's Community Appearance Board for compliance with the City's Community Design Plan as adopted by Ordinance No. 98-25. 

This approval process is in addition to building permit requirements.
Home Occupations

Home occupations conducted within the City of Miramar shall be clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the residence for residential purposes and shall not change the residential character thereof. A proposed home occupation must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Only the people who live at the dwelling may be involved in the business.
  • The business is clearly incidental and secondary to the use of the dwelling for dwelling purposes.
  • The use does not change the character of the dwelling and the appearance of the dwelling cannot be altered to accommodate the business.
  • The garage or other accessory structure may not be used for the business for the repair, storage, manufacturing, retailing, or warehousing of merchandise or goods that would interfere with the ability to park the number of vehicles it was designed to accommodate.
  • Storing of hazardous or flammable materials is prohibited.
  • Outdoor storage or display of goods is prohibited.
  • The business must not emit noise, sounds, smoke, fumes, odors, vibrations or interference that would create a nuisance to abutting properties or the surrounding neighborhood.
  • No public health or safety risks may be created by the home occupation.
  • Commercial vehicles used in the conduct of a home business may not be parked on the premises, unless it is parked entirely within a garage or carport.
  • No deliveries of merchandise are allowed to the residence by heavy commercial vehicles.
  • No employees, clients, or customers are allowed on the premises at any time in connection with the home occupation.
  • No signage may be displayed on the premises.
  • No home occupation shall be conducted in any accessory building.
  • The applicant may use his or her home address only for receiving mail and not for any advertising purposes.
  • Right of inspection: The applicant acknowledges that upon issuance of a Business Tax Receipt, the city shall have the right to inspect, at reasonable times, the premises upon which the home occupation is conducted to insure compliance with the foregoing standards and conditions and to investigate complaints, if any.
  • Penalty: Any violation of this section may result in a fine in accordance with the Code of Ordinances.
  • Revocation of license: The city shall have the right to revoke any home Business Tax for non-compliance.
  • Transferability: No home Business Tax issued pursuant to this section shall be transferable, assignable, or otherwise alienable.

Business Tax Contact Information:
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