Ethics Ordinance



  1. Advisory Opinion Request

To be completed by an elected official when a safe harbor opinion is requested.  This form is to be sent to the City Attorney who will provide a written response.  If the request relates to all members of the City Commission, a separate request must be submitted by each member.

  1. Lobbyist Contact Disclosure 
Lobbyist Contact Disclosure

To be completed by a member of the City Commission when any lobbyist contact is made for the purpose of lobbying and the contact/communication is made outside of City facilities. This form must be completed either within 10 days or prior to any vote on the issue, whichever comes first.

  1. Lobbyist Contact Log
Lobbyist Contact Log

To be completed by the lobbyist at the time of lobbyist contact /  communication with a Commissioner for the purpose of lobbying,  when the contact is in any City facility, either in person, by email, fax or by phone.

  1. Lobbyist Registration Form/Affidavit of Financial Disclosure

To be filed annually with the City Clerk’s Office by a lobbyist prior to any contact with the City.

  1. Outside Concurrent Employment
To be completed as appropriate by each member of the City Commission.

  1. Campaign Fundraising for Other Candidates

To be completed as appropriate by each member of the City Commission.

  1. Charitable Contributions Fundraising

To be completed when a charitable contribution is either solicited for an organization or donated to an organization.

  1. Certification of Completion of Annual Ethics Training

To be completed after the required hours of Ethics Training have been met.

  1. Gift Reimbursement/Receipt Form

To be completed by each member of the City Commission.