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About Miramar Citizen Corps

Miramar Citizen Corps - Mission

The Miramar Citizen Corps gives citizens living in the City of Miramar an organized way of volunteering with disaster preparedness, response and recovery organizations and homeland security agencies. These organizations work to prepare individuals, families, neighborhoods, schools and businesses for the next disaster and respond to emergencies that affect our communities.

Miramar Citizen Corps - Vision

The vision of the Miramar Citizen Corps and its affiliate organizations is to:

  • Strengthen the regions’ ability to prevent crime and terrorism and respond to emergencies.
  • Help our community feel more prepared and secure.
  • Build stronger coordination and collaboration between all the organizations in the City of Miramar. These groups are dedicated to making communities a better place for all of our citizens and visitors.
  • Enable citizens and organizations to respond to the President's request for a more coordinated approach to Homeland Security and service to the community.

Miramar Citizen Corps - Charter

  • Operate as Council liaison among participating agencies
  • Communicate and facilitate efforts between agencies
  • Increase Citizen Corps awareness through public and private sector awareness training initiatives
  • Act as a coordinating arm between public and private sector organizations to participate with Citizen Corps initiatives
  • Encourage volunteer participation
  • Develop cross functional teams among participating volunteer programs
  • Build a volunteer data bank for the City of Miramar.

Miramar Citizen Corps - Organization

Our organizational principles will build on what already exists and avoid duplication, to avoid any semblance of bureaucracy and to be inclusive.  The management of the Miramar Citizen Corps will be facilitated by The City of Miramar, its’ Fire/Rescue and Police Departments.   The City of Miramar will coordinate its efforts with the Broward County Red Cross Chapter and Broward County’s Medical Reserve Corps.

Goals & Programs
Miramar Citizen Corps - Goals
The City of Miramar’s Citizen Corps Council will promote and strengthen the Citizen Corps programs at the community level, such as Volunteers in Police Service programs, CERT teams, Medical Reserve Corps units, and Neighborhood Watch groups;

  • provide opportunities for special skills and interests;
  • develop targeted outreach for the community, including special needs groups;
  • provide opportunities of training in first aid and emergency preparedness;
  • organize special projects and community events;
  • encourage cooperation and collaboration among community leaders;
  • capture smart practices and report accomplishments; and
  • create opportunities for all residents to participate.

Miramar Citizen Corps – Charter Programs
The City of Miramar’s Citizen Corp Council will consist of four (4) charter programs:

  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)
  • USAonWatch - the face of the National Neighborhood Watch
  • VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service)
  • MRC (Medical Reserve Corps) – in partnership with Broward County

Miramar Citizen Corps – Organizational Responsibility
The City of Miramar Human Resources Department will be responsible for managing spontaneous (or unaffiliated) volunteers.

The City of Miramar Fire/Rescue Department will be responsible for educating and training CERT volunteers.  The Miramar Fire/Rescue Department will also be responsible for overseeing The City of Miramar’s Citizen Corp and managing the master database. 

The City of Miramar Police Department will be responsible for educating and training Neighborhood Watch and VIPS volunteers.

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