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The City of Miramar City Clerk Office offers official documents, commission meeting agendas, annotated agendas, minutes, applications, forms, questionnaires, maps and reports. The Document Center keeps all the documents neatly listed and ready for download. The files are kept updated and at a reasonable size for easy download. Documents are available in PDF format. The documents are linked to pages outside of the Document Center. Once the document has been viewed, printed and/or downloaded, close the window and continue your search or close the Document Center. If you have any problem with the documents available here, contact the webmaster or fill out the customer feedback form and let us know how to improve the system.


All elections shall be held in accordance with the provisions of the general election laws of the State of Florida, except as is otherwise provide by City Charter or by Ordinance. Procedures for becoming a candidate are found in our City Charter Article VI beginning with Section 26.

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  4. Quarterly Gift Disclosure (Gifts over $100.00)
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Lobbyist Registration forms are available in the City Clerk’s Office and can be downloaded and filled-up online.

  1. Lobbyist Registration Form
  2. Lobbyist Registration Guide
  3. Miramar Lobbyist Ordinances
  4. Disclosure of Ex-Parte Communications
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